Marrying a millionaire has its pluses. You have the lifestyle of the rich and famous. You have no worries about debts, no stresses of a job. But there are also some negative issues that come with a man with money.

What If You Don’t Love Him?
There is an saying that a woman can fall in love with a rich man as easily as a poor one. True. But what do you do if you don’t love the millionaire who wants you? Do you date him anyway? Do you marry him? It happens all the time. Women give up love in exchange for money. Some women are comfortable with this. It’s a bargain they gladly make for the privilege of being rich.

If money is your love, then don’t expect love with your money. If by chance love and money come together with one man, you are a lucky girl.

An affair is not the answer

The problem comes when you find another guy that you do love, but don’t want to give up the money.Many women in this position think that they will just have a quiet affair. When your millionaire is busy at work or out of town, you decide to take the opportunity to see your love interest. No one will know. No one gets hurt. Right?

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but this is a bad idea.

Your millionaire has lots of friends in lots of places. He has friends you don’t even know about. If you try to sneak around with your love interest, the neighbors, the mailman, the doorman, even the paperboy or the UPS man might see you and say something to your rich guy. You never know who’s watching.

If you go to a hotel or the home of your love interest, there is always the chance that someone will see you together. If you go to an out of the way restaurant, out of town or even out of the country with him, you’re still bound to get caught.

Ask yourself, how many times have you been someplace unusual and unexpectedly run into someone you knew. Too often. The quickest way to get dumped by a rich man is to get caught with another man.

“Men play the game, women know the score.”

Roger Woddis

Millionaires Cheat

Now that you’ve resigned yourself to being faithful, he’ll probably cheat on you. It’s the old double standard. He expects you to be faithful to him, but he will most likely cheat on you. If you don’t believe this, you don’t know much about men and very little about men with money.

Men with money and status want it all. They want their fancy cars and expensive toys. They want to feel important and admired. They love attention, and they love it from beautiful women. And as you know, there is no shortage of women who are willing to give a rich man some attention.

“God gave men both a penis and a brain,
but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time.”

Robin Williams

The temptation for a rich man to cheat is always present.

Wherever a rich man goes, there is some woman hoping to replace you and she is going to try her cutest, sweetest, most seductive best to nab his attention.

Even if he is not looking for someone new, eventually the sex with you is going to be the same, and the excitement for what men call “strange” sex will grow. ( “strange sex” does not mean weird sex, but sex with a new partner.)

His need for something different doesn’t necessarily mean that you are history.

He may genuinely care for you, but that affection is compartmentalized, not thought about when it comes to sex. He may want his occasional “strange sex” in addition to you, so you need to be willing to put up with those terms without a scene, without resentment, without attitude. Ask yourself if you’re capable of that.

If you give up love for money, you have to keep your heart to yourself.

There’s always a willing woman
Be aware that there are many women who have no problem putting up with a cheating man if he has enough money. If you make a scene and cause a big enough problem in his life, he can just replace you with the next woman in line. Don’t kid yourself into believing that no one can replace you.

There is always someone younger, more eager to please, more sexually adventuresome and more willing to do anything to be with a rich man. Eventually he will take the bait.

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  1. Dear! I’m a man and I absolutely want to congratulate you for your amazing sense of what men want!

    All women have a male side and all men have a female side inside them!

    When they develop it to the utmost, they can reach a perfect understanding of the other gender like you!

    Absolute admiration!

    Hope to keep in touch!


  2. I am meeting the guy this week, I’m glad I read this page! I’m doing to dig in more about him as he sound nice and genuine.. He wanted to meet me and feel the love for me.. I be contacting for a week as met thru dating online.. He send me poem, he asked me if in would like to move in with him once we settle down together. He so happy to have me in his life and share thing with him. He want to teach me few thing like surf, dance, cook, all sort. He know I’m deaf.. He doesn’t know what hit him when he get to meet me.. Cos I can handle bloke the way it been treated.. I won’t let him to take advantage of me.. He word so inspiration and very emotionally adapt about his life since his parent died.. I don’t believe or anything till I see is for real. I have to look after my heart. He said to me I don’t know if it it too early to say I love u.. I said pardon.. A http://www.. If u feel like, it come from yr heart and say it when u want to say.. I like him lot but at this minutes.. I have to dig more.. Im keep my distance.. I don’t care what happened to us he doesn’t contact. I been through that all the time… I’m used to all that.. Patient is a big thing for me.. I’m just being me who was not paying attention..
    What d u think

  3. As a rich man i can say that i have never, nor will ever feel a urge to cheat upon my gorgeous wife, though i might get tired of a woman, i will never cheat on her. Though bachelor life is tempting, it’s a thing of the past, not all rich men are sleezebags, personally i have inherited a company, a lot of stocks and quite some capital from my father, i don’t have time for cheating or adventuring, i need a woman who can respect my desire to work 24/7 and be there at my leisure when i get home.

    As long as she keeps everything in check, has my dinner ready when i get home and is ready for sex i would never cheat on her.

    – A workaholic investor

    • So do you have any friends you can recommend? I am looking for a soulmate a true man with good values.

  4. Make your own money! You do not need to marry one. America is the land of opportunity. Do not waste your time chasing them. When you make your own money, you are a free bird and can do whatever your heart desires. This will boost your self-esteem as well. Decide what you love doing in life, study the subject hard, set baby steps to reach your goals. Follow your dream and wishes, not rich men. Don’t let men use money to treat you like a piece of dirt!

    My 2 cents.

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