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If you want to meet rich men but don’t want to hang out in nightclubs, (or you’re not young enough to get past the doorman) you might want to try sampling the fare at the following restaurants frequented by the rich and famous. If you can’t afford the main courses, don’t despair. You can still stop in and have a drink at the bar, sample a few appetizers or come just for  dessert. Whatever you do, linger long enough for the men to check you out and vice versa.

Craft, 10100 Constellation Blvd., Los Angeles, CA


If you’re in Los Angeles, this is a great place to meet rich men, talent agents, and movie stars. Craft is located near the offices of two of the top talent agencies in Los Angeles, International Creative Management and Creative Artists Agency, and when they want to impress their clients, this is where they take them. Both lunch and dinner are crowded with celebrities, the top agents and locals from the high rent condominiums nearby. If you want to get in, you’ll need to make a reservation, but it doesn’t hurt to hang around hoping for a reservation no show while checking out all those who come through the doors. Once at your table you’ll find plenty of space between them for socializing. Table hopping seems to be the favorite sport at this restaurant where people go to see and be seen.

The Stand, 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Century City, CA

If your pocket book can’t handle an expensive sit down restaurant but you still want to rub elbows with rich men and power agents, try this upscale hot dog stand. You’ll find that not only the hot dogs are gourmet, so are the men. In this informal atmosphere no one will think twice if you turn to the handsome guy next to you and strike up a conversation. Turn on the smile and talk about…I don’t know…Hotdogs?  It won’t matter. Anyone who comes here is in a good mood and open to conversation.  Just don’t try to come on the weekends.  It’s closed.

Breeze, 2025 Avenue Of The StarsLos AngelesCA

Even though this restaurant is located in the Hyatt Hotel, it is an old standby for agents meeting with their movie star clients. Whether you’re sitting inside or on the outdoor patio, you are bound to see a famous face at lunch time or dinner. If you come for breakfast, you are likely to sit near any number of wealthy men who live in the luxury condos nearby.

hyatt-regency-century-plaza-xbarIf you’d rather drink your dinner or lunch, X Bar, also located in the Hyatt, is a great place to mingle with not only the rich, but more of the entertainment industry professionals. X Bar’s menu of creatively mixed drinks, small eclectic appetizers and delightful desserts, invites guests to linger, but it’s the combination of indoor and outdoor lounges, fire pits and a large 10 foot screening wall that creates the openly social atmosphere. Come for a little while, come for a long while, you’re bound to meet someone with money, or if you’re lucky, someone with fame and money.

Dolce Restaurant, 8284 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CAimg_dolce-enoteca
If you want to see and be seen then you’ll head over to this trendy, celebrity frequented restaurant where the ambiance and the crowd is hot in more ways than one. Stay away from the patio filled with couples and instead hang out at near the bar where it’s perfect for crowd watching. After 10pm a DJ stirs things up. Although the restaurant is pricey, avoid Monday half-price nights…you’ll find the bargain hunters, not the rich men.
ASIA DE CUBA 8440 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA
If you want to meet rich men from the music industry, you’ll find them at this sensuous Asian fusion restaurant. The food is expensive but so is the crowd that dines here.  Whether you mingle with or just watch the endless parade of Hollywood types, you’ll have a good time.
Mr. Chows, 344 N. Camden Dr. , Beverly Hills, CA
This restaurant has been around a long time, but you can tell that it’s still popular by the number of paparazzi hanging around outside. Celebrities love this restaurant and so do the rich men who live in Beverly Hills. Midweek is the best time to find yourself sitting next to a movie star, a famous producer or an wealthy executive from Tinseltown. Just because it’s Chinese food don’t think “cheap.” A meal here can quickly empty the wallet of the average man.
The Emerson Theater, 7080 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles
When Paris Hilton arrives at a club, you know it is the latest “in” place to be. Pounding music, a decor out of the Burlesque Prohibition era (including Burlesque dancers in sexy stockings, lingerie and feathers) and lots of celebrities, this is the place to see and be seen, if you can get past the velvet ropes that separate wealth, celebrity and status from the commoners. More a theater than a club, hence the name Emerson Theater, the owner Sam Nazarian provides a different lineup of entertainment every night. That entertainment is part sex, part debauchery and that debauchery isn’t all on stage. Ladies, your competition will be wearing spike heels, skin tight dresses that barely cover the assets, and lots of cleavage. Think expensive hooker. Waitresses wear even less. Think Victoria Secret models. Pricey bottles of booze, men in dressed-down suits and velvet jackets abound. This is not a cheap night out, so you’re guaranteed to find men with money in this club.

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