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muscleA great way to meet a rich man and get healthy at the same time is to frequent expensive health clubs.  Don’t worry if you can’t afford a membership. You don’t need one.

Free Passes
Take advantage of the policy of most clubs to give out free day passes so you can try out their club.  You may have to listen to a spiel about their club and the benefits of joining, but you can always say that you’re looking around and will let them know if they pressure you to join.

If you live in a big city like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco or Miami, there is a health club on practically every corner.  You could go to a different club every week and not go back to the same one twice.

If you travel for business or pleasure, take advantage of the free day pass at the health clubs near your hotel.   Most clubs don’t like to give a free pass to someone from out of town.  (They know you’ll never join.) You may have to give a local address.

Late Morning is Best
Although you’re guaranteed to meet men with money at expensive, exclusive health clubs, if there is not one in your area, or you’re not willing to travel, you can still meet wealthy men if you’re wise about the time you go to the health club.

Men with money don’t go to the health club early in the morning when the crowds go.  They also avoid the weekends when the working guys are clogging the clubs. The best time to meet the man with a luxury lifestyle is in the late morning or late afternoon from around 3 to 6pm.  That’s the time when the married men go home to their wives and the bachelors don’t have to be anywhere after work. 

If a man goes to a health club in the middle of the day, you can be sure that he can afford to be off of work in the middle of the day, or he probably doesn’t need to work at all.  (Don’t worry about meeting the guy who just got laid off.  He can’t afford the membership fees.)

Be Friendlyrun
Once you’re in the club, the best way to meet people is to smile and be friendly.  Scope out the room.  See who’s on the treadmills, the stationary bikes, or the stair master.  If you see someone interesting, take the machine next to them.  Plan to work on that machine for 10 minutes. If during that time the guy next to you won’t engage in conversation or give you eye contact, move on. He’s probably married or otherwise unavailable.

It’s easy to talk to the person next to you in a health club.  Usually the machines are close together so you can strike up a conversation easily.  Don’t know what to say?  How about,  “This is my first time here.  I’m not familiar with how this machine works.”  If he likes the way you look, he’ll jump at the chance to explain it to you.  If he seems annoyed at the intrusion, just say, “never mind, I’ll ask a trainer,” and move on.

Remember, your goal is to meet as many men as possible, quickly weeding out the married men and those not interested. Don’t expect wedding rings to clue you into who’s married and who is not.  Most men don’t wear their rings while they work out.  It’s uncomfortable.

How do you know he has money?
When he’s sweaty and in a t-shirt and gym shorts, how do you know the man has money?  Of course,  if he’s at an exclusive gym, he must have a decent income level, but it never hurts to gently and subtly quiz him. Keep the conversation light for a while; the headline news  on the TV is a good neutral opener.

But after you’re engaged in conversation for more than 1o minutes, you can easily ask, “How come you’re able to be in the club in the middle of the day?” or “Is this economy affecting your business?” Stay away from direct questions like, “What do you do for a living?”  Most men don’t like that and see it as gold digging.  

Eat your lunch at the club
Of course, if you don’t like to work out, you can always go to the health clubs that have food courts and just eat your lunch there.  The food is frequently  healthy and a social atmosphere prevails. Eating at exclusive health clubs is an easy way to avoid dealing with the club passes or the hard sell membership sales person.



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Living with the Rich
One of the easiest ways to meet a rich man is to live where rich men live. You’re probably thinking you can’t afford to do that.  But what if you could live in a high rent district for free. Would you need any more incentive to pack your bags?

House sitting for people who live in expensive homes in exclusive neighborhoods is the perfect way to meet a rich man. If you’re house sitting in a wealthy area, your new home is ripe with possibilities.

Get to know the neighbors and the neighborhood
Once you move into your temporary home, you will be free to roam the neighborhood and get to know the neighbors. Say hello as you pass on the street. Smile and greet your new neighbors on the elevators of the high rise. Be friendly as you walk the beach in front of the ocean view bungalow you’re house sitting, and make as many new friends as you can, both young and old. You never know when one of your new neighbors will want to introduce you to the lonely rich bachelor next door.

Stop for coffee at the neighborhood coffee shop along with any other places that rich men might frequent before work, during lunch and after work. If you don’t know how to strike up a conversation, just introduce yourself and let them know you do house sitting.

If they are interested in you, they’ll continue the conversation. If they’re not, they still might hire you to house sit, then you’ll have another opportunity to meet someone wealthy. It’s as simple as that. 

(For your own safety, never give out your home address.)


There are several ways to find a  house sitting job.  Agencies that provide house sitting services can be found on the internet and in the phone books of major metropolitan cities. Agencies and homeowners love to sign single women over couples or single men, because women are usually quieter and leave the house cleaner than the average male. Get a reputation for providing good service, and you can have your pick of homes.

Of course no one will let you stay in their house if you don’t have a clean police record and perfect letters of recommendation. Recommendations are easy to obtain though,  just ask your relatives, friends or boss. If this is your first time finding a house sitting job, your references can be character references.  People just want to know if you are honest, responsible and reliable.

Advertise yourself
Another way to land a house sitting job is to advertise.  Create a business card that announces your services from pet and plant care to simple house care. State that you have references.

Hand out your cards to everyone you know. Networking is the best way to get a house sitting job. You can also leave your cards on the mail boxes of homes in wealthy areas, or better yet, ring their doorbell and introduce yourself. 

People who leave the care of their homes to strangers want to know that their homes are safe. If they can talk to someone who knows you and is willing to verify that you are trustworthy, that is likely to land you a job. Having your references with you when you meet homeowners is a plus.

One of the best ways to meet rich men is to live where they live and play where they play and if you can’t afford to do that, then house sitting in their neighborhoods is the second best.


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If  you’re into smart men with money, you’ll want to check out the 2009 MacWorld Conference & Expo at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from January 5th through the 9th. If you like all things geeky, you’ll want to attend the conference, not just check out the men. You can register for $45+ at the following web site:

17-gallery-blast1-in2But if technology makes your head buzz and you just want to check out the rich guys, be sure to get a ticket to the MacWorld Blast Party on Tuesday night January 6th from 8pm to 11pm.  Attended by thousands of all ages, it’s the most talked about party of the week.  Forty dollars will get you in the door, 2 drink tickets and live entertainment.  Meeting the guys is up to you, but it won’t be difficult. This party is overwhelmingly attended by men.  You’ll love the odds.

If you can’t make that event, geeky rich guys will be out and about San Francisco all week.  Whether they’re taking walking tours, partying at the bars or dining at local restaurants near the Moscone Center, you can meet up with them by keeping an eye on the party list


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If you want to meet rich men but don’t want to hang out in nightclubs, (or you’re not young enough to get past the doorman) you might want to try sampling the fare at the following restaurants frequented by the rich and famous. If you can’t afford the main courses, don’t despair. You can still stop in and have a drink at the bar, sample a few appetizers or come just for  dessert. Whatever you do, linger long enough for the men to check you out and vice versa.

Craft, 10100 Constellation Blvd., Los Angeles, CA


If you’re in Los Angeles, this is a great place to meet rich men, talent agents, and movie stars. Craft is located near the offices of two of the top talent agencies in Los Angeles, International Creative Management and Creative Artists Agency, and when they want to impress their clients, this is where they take them. Both lunch and dinner are crowded with celebrities, the top agents and locals from the high rent condominiums nearby. If you want to get in, you’ll need to make a reservation, but it doesn’t hurt to hang around hoping for a reservation no show while checking out all those who come through the doors. Once at your table you’ll find plenty of space between them for socializing. Table hopping seems to be the favorite sport at this restaurant where people go to see and be seen.

The Stand, 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Century City, CA

If your pocket book can’t handle an expensive sit down restaurant but you still want to rub elbows with rich men and power agents, try this upscale hot dog stand. You’ll find that not only the hot dogs are gourmet, so are the men. In this informal atmosphere no one will think twice if you turn to the handsome guy next to you and strike up a conversation. Turn on the smile and talk about…I don’t know…Hotdogs?  It won’t matter. Anyone who comes here is in a good mood and open to conversation.  Just don’t try to come on the weekends.  It’s closed.

Breeze, 2025 Avenue Of The StarsLos AngelesCA

Even though this restaurant is located in the Hyatt Hotel, it is an old standby for agents meeting with their movie star clients. Whether you’re sitting inside or on the outdoor patio, you are bound to see a famous face at lunch time or dinner. If you come for breakfast, you are likely to sit near any number of wealthy men who live in the luxury condos nearby.

hyatt-regency-century-plaza-xbarIf you’d rather drink your dinner or lunch, X Bar, also located in the Hyatt, is a great place to mingle with not only the rich, but more of the entertainment industry professionals. X Bar’s menu of creatively mixed drinks, small eclectic appetizers and delightful desserts, invites guests to linger, but it’s the combination of indoor and outdoor lounges, fire pits and a large 10 foot screening wall that creates the openly social atmosphere. Come for a little while, come for a long while, you’re bound to meet someone with money, or if you’re lucky, someone with fame and money.

Dolce Restaurant, 8284 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CAimg_dolce-enoteca
If you want to see and be seen then you’ll head over to this trendy, celebrity frequented restaurant where the ambiance and the crowd is hot in more ways than one. Stay away from the patio filled with couples and instead hang out at near the bar where it’s perfect for crowd watching. After 10pm a DJ stirs things up. Although the restaurant is pricey, avoid Monday half-price nights…you’ll find the bargain hunters, not the rich men.
ASIA DE CUBA 8440 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA
If you want to meet rich men from the music industry, you’ll find them at this sensuous Asian fusion restaurant. The food is expensive but so is the crowd that dines here.  Whether you mingle with or just watch the endless parade of Hollywood types, you’ll have a good time.
Mr. Chows, 344 N. Camden Dr. , Beverly Hills, CA
This restaurant has been around a long time, but you can tell that it’s still popular by the number of paparazzi hanging around outside. Celebrities love this restaurant and so do the rich men who live in Beverly Hills. Midweek is the best time to find yourself sitting next to a movie star, a famous producer or an wealthy executive from Tinseltown. Just because it’s Chinese food don’t think “cheap.” A meal here can quickly empty the wallet of the average man.
The Emerson Theater, 7080 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles
When Paris Hilton arrives at a club, you know it is the latest “in” place to be. Pounding music, a decor out of the Burlesque Prohibition era (including Burlesque dancers in sexy stockings, lingerie and feathers) and lots of celebrities, this is the place to see and be seen, if you can get past the velvet ropes that separate wealth, celebrity and status from the commoners. More a theater than a club, hence the name Emerson Theater, the owner Sam Nazarian provides a different lineup of entertainment every night. That entertainment is part sex, part debauchery and that debauchery isn’t all on stage. Ladies, your competition will be wearing spike heels, skin tight dresses that barely cover the assets, and lots of cleavage. Think expensive hooker. Waitresses wear even less. Think Victoria Secret models. Pricey bottles of booze, men in dressed-down suits and velvet jackets abound. This is not a cheap night out, so you’re guaranteed to find men with money in this club.


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Do you know a rich bachelor?  Wealthy men are everywhere and they are just as interested in meeting the right woman as you are in meeting him.

If you know a rich bachelor and for whatever reason can’t date him yourself, (you’re married, already involved, he doesn’t appeal to you…) put his name and info here.  The other women will love you for it.

My favorite current rich single man is Michael Phelps.

At age 23 he is a multimillionaire due to the sponsorship contracts he’s signed since he won 8 gold medals. An unassuming young man, Michael is not yet jaded by his wealth or status. Awkward and gangly as a child, Michael has risen to the task that comes with his medeoric rise to fame and fortune. He’d make a good catch if you can catch him out of the water. He trains at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club when he’s in town.

Michael currently owns his own house on the water in the Baltimore, Maryland harbor.  Like most typical bachelors, Michael doesn’t have much food in the house so you’ll find him out and about at local restaurants. He’s not hard to find since he’s 6ft. 4in. tall. If you see him, smile and hand him your business card with the message, “Want a homecooked meal?” After being on the road for so long, he’ll love it…and you, too.

Newly divorced multimillionaire, Bernie Ecclestone is now an eligible bachelor for those of you who don’t care about age.

At 78 years old and 5ft. 4in., Ecclestone is a catch for any woman who wants to roam the world in the best of style.  His previous wife was a supermodel who didn’t care, nor did he, that she towered above him. Although his homes are in Gstaad, Corsica and on the French Riveria, he is in the US frequently. Getting around the world is easy for this man with his two jets. His company, Formula One Holdings, brings him to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indianapolis 500.  Look for him there.

Guy Laliberte is our billionaire bachelor of the day. He’s the founder and CEO of the billion dollar industry Cirque du Soleil. With a reputation for being kind and generous, this 48 year old divorced dad with 3 kids lives in Montreal, Canada near the International Headquarters of Cirque du Soleil. Get involved with the One Drop Foundation, his favorite cause that earned him the 2007 Humanitarian Award, and you just might meet him. He’s an avid poker player and a good one at that.  You can find him at the poker tables at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, or you might spot him at any one of the Cirque du Soleil performances that play there.


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If you want to meet a rich man, you have to party like the rich, and the most expensive night clubs in the country are where you find them. Whether you live in these cities or are just there for a visit, you’ll find the men much to your liking.

les-deuxLes Deux 1638 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, CA

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and you’re twenty something and beautiful, then  get over to Les Deux. This trendy club is known for its hot women on the dance floor and the rich guys in the reserved booths out back. This is
where a bottle of Grey Goose will set a guy back $425. Why do the guys come?  Because of the gorgeous women.  If you think you can compete with celebrities and women who are often perfect 10’s, then put on your finest fashions and get in line. The men are waiting.

The Edison 108 West 2nd Street Los Angeles, CAedison2

If you’re not in your twenties, you’ll want to try the high class Edison lounge, well hidden down Harlem Place Alley. This 30’s+ singles crowd makes up in money what they may lack in youth. The club caters to its upscale regulars with live music, a posh interior and a nightly round up of some of the best looking women in L.A. If you don’t mind the strict dress code and competing for a man’s attention with dozens of other women on the prowl, this is the place for you.

imperialThe Imperial, 17 W. 19th Street, New York, NY

This new club in town joins the other upscale dance clubs in New York, but this one is becoming known for its good looking men that frequent its lounge. Because this place is new, everyone is coming to check it out, so a girl can easily find her rich man among the many that come to party here.  NY clubs can often be a flash in the pan. You might want to check this one out soon before the buzz subsides.

Tenjune Nightclub, 26 Little W. 12 St. New York, New York

Just 2 years old, this hot nightclub attracts the rich and very famous. Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson and a host of other famous faces can be found here.  And if there are beautiful stars, there are wealthy men looking to meet them.  Of course, those stars are in the VIP area, so those men need to be occupied…by you.  Just be sure you look fabulous too, or you won’t get past the doorman.

marqueeMarquee 289 10th Avenue, New York, NY

This place says money from the decor to the patrons. Everthing is expensive, from the glass beaded chandeliers in the main room to the drinks and bottle service, but no one seems to mind even when the tab can be as high as 10 grand.  The line to get in is long and the dance floor is crowded, but everyone wants in at Marquee. Consequently the doorman can be very selective as to who gets in. Dress code is upscale casual to dressy, so look your best. Take notice of the soundproof room upstairs where VIP’s can watch the action below.  But don’t get there too early.  They don’t open until 11pm.

Blush 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, Nevadablush

If you want exclusive, Blush is the place to be. High rollers and VIPs abound. Money seems to be no object for the decor or for the patrons of this dance club. The room is usually filled with 20 and 30-somethings, so if you’re married or older, this may not be the place for you. Designer outfits are all over the dance floor, but that doesn’t mean the crowd is snobby.  If you don’t want to pay the cover charge, get there when they open at 9pm, but be prepared to party all night.

trystTryst at the Wynn Hotel, 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, Nevada

Tryst is the place to be if you want to see and be seen. The reserved tables surround the dance floor so you can be front and center…the center of attention, that is. Not only are the patrons beautiful, but so are the waitresses, so you better arrive with your self confidence in tow if you want to compete for the attention of the guys with money. Keep an eye on the sparklers which signal that someone has bought a bottle for their table.  Bottle service doesn’t come cheaply, so you know the man has money to burn.

Lavo The Palazzo, 3325 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NVlavo

Not your typical Vegas nightclub, Lavo has the lock on lush and intimate.  Instead of feeling like you’re dancing in a crowd of strangers, Lavo gives the feeling that everyone there can be your next best friend. Celebrities and locals mix with the weekenders that rush to Vegas. Don’t be afraid to go up to that handsome man and ask him to dance, because if you don’t, some other woman will since there are often more women than men in this club. A table reservations or being on the guest list is necessary on the weekends, but it’ll save you the trouble of waiting in line.

Prive 136 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FLprive

Hosting the rich and famous is the signature of this club which results in a packed house and long lines outside the door. Even though its doors have been open for 2 years, if you want to get in, arrive early, wear your finest and look your best. Of course arriving early means that the limosines don’t even start to line up until after 11pm. But late night revelry is what this place is all about.  The men come looking for the women and the mix is friendly. A good place to find your rich guy.

mokaiMokai 235 23rd St., Miami, Florida

If you want to run into the rich and famous, South Beach is the place to do it.  At Mokai you will see the likes of Paris Hilton and … well, it would take too long to list all the other celebrities, because basically the club caters to celebs. There is a VIP list, but if you look hot, you’re bound to make it past the doorman. This is one exclusive club, but you’re sure to have a good time.  People, famous or not, are there to mix and party any night of the week.  Just be sure you’re able to stay up late.  Things don’t get rocking until around 1am.

Mur. Mur 1 Borgata Way, Altantic City, NJmurmur

It’s big, it’s loud, it’s packed. If you like crowds and lots of action, Mur.Mur is the place to meet rich men. Although some find the large size of the club a negative, it’s a virtual meet market for women. It’s hard not to find a guy to talk to since they are all around, elbow to elbow.  The VIP area is where you want to look to find the man with money.


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Golddigger.  I’m sure you’ve heard the word. If you have been called it, you’re probably in the right place.  You’re looking for a rich man and this blog is here to help you do just that.

For centuries men have used women for barter.  They taught us that women with assets like beauty or virginity are worth something in the market place. Women were married off for political gain, for alliances, or for favors among other reasons.

Now in the twenty-first century, women have taken those lessons from the past and applied them for their own benefit.

There is nothing wrong with a woman who wants to marry well, but there are plenty of people who will find fault with that. No one faults a man who wants to marry a beautiful woman.  They don’t call him a “supermodel suckup”or some other derogatory name. Yet women who look for men who can provide for them are called “golddiggers.”

I say let’s welcome the term.  It’s the mark of a smart woman.  It shows that women have been paying attention to history. Women have been chattel for centuries. It’s about time we use our assets to benefit ourselves.

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